Fair Art Fair is a match-making app connecting artists to art buyers

Fair Art Fair is a match-making app connecting artists to art buyers

The app is designed for four distinct user groups – artists, art lovers, curators and the ‘art curious’. The app, which can be used both on the web and mobiles, allows subscribers to discover, organise, share, showcase, buy and sell artworks, and connect with each other.

“The app is actually born from needing all the tools to operate the gallery”, she explains. Although “the existing technology provides some amazing tools”, McCormick claims, “none of these offer a full circle of tools, connections, communication, support and sales”.

McCormick hopes that the app will “enchant through all its exhibitions and the art on show”. More than anything, though, she says the aim is that art lovers and artists can “connect in a way that hasn’t been possible before.” The app is built to be a world where a prospective buyer can transparently find artists, directly contact them, and buy pieces without commission. McCormick also hopes that the subscription model has the potential to create revenue for expansion, grants, prizes and, ultimately, “to allow us to develop local hubs where we look forward to providing gallery spaces for Fair Art Fair artists to have physical exhibitions too.”

The app is subscription based and McCormick hopes that “everyone understands that their subscription is a contribution to support the whole group, and all profits will always be circled back into the community”. The app launches on 31 July 2021.

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