Meet the studio where cross-pollinated ideas overlap with a simple visual direction

Meet the studio where cross-pollinated ideas overlap with a simple visual direction

Founded in 2019, Wolfe Hall is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio established by Jason Wolfe and Luke Hall. Working with a global roster of cultural clients, the two-man studio creates publications, brand identities, signage and web design across fashion, art and academia in a sophisticated display of printed prowess. Both designers boast impressive CVs to date; they met at A Practice for Everyday Life where they discovered a range of common interests before Luke went onto work with Fraser Muggeridge for almost six years. He tells us, “we would often talk about setting up a studio together over drinks in the pub after work, but it took more than five years to make the leap.”

The move came as Luke and Jason looked for a new way to push themselves further. Though they built up years of valuable experience with internationally respected studios, setting up their own studio was “an important first step to shape who we are as designers.” In turn, Wolfe Hall has crafted a unique practice with typography acting as the base element of its visual language. Utilising the tool of type, the studio’s output is distinctly pared back in order to highlight the beautifully crafted type at play. “We pride ourselves on our knowledge of typographic history and we design our own typefaces in the studio,” adds Jason. The type design is influenced by “a constant process of research” which shapes the style over time, often arising through a lack of suitable already existing typeface. Collaborating with type designers and small foundries to add another dimension to Wolfe Hall’s creations, the studio highly values “where others’ expertise can complement your own,” as a result, ever-expanding the studio’s breadth of knowledge and keeping tabs on current happenings within type design.

In this way, the physical production of Wolfe Hall’s projects is equally central to the final outcome itself. The studio’s physical space is conducive to the making process, filled with material swatches, paper samples and examples of innovative production techniques that provide inspiration and fuel for experimentation. Having these physical motifs at hand allows Luke and Jason to prioritise how something feels in the hand as opposed to an object purely appearing aesthetic. “We strive to design things that people want to keep,” Luke goes on to say, “no matter how short-lived the content may be.”

Keenly exploring how design can be used in conjunction with an artwork, Wolfe Hall was founded on the ethos that graphic design can be so much more than a flat representation of imagery. For the two founders, there is a lingering fascination with print and the endless possibilities that can be achieved within its seemingly restrictive parameters. With a hands-on approach to problem-solving, Luke and Jason spend a lot of time in secondhand bookshops where they eagerly search for vintage design gems that get them thinking: “How did they do that?” Interested in how narratives can be reinterpreted, Wolfe Hall respectably pays tribute to a design’s origin while adding a contemporary twist to bring hints of nostalgia into the present.

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