Design! What makes Good/Bad designs? | by Nitin Pal | Jun, 2021

#I want to show you some examples of what is good and what is a bad design In my surrounding. Wheather In my opinion, I always observe that no design is perfect for a long period of time, it needs to be updated/upgraded with technologies.

Philips shaving trimmer
Photo by Nitin Pal

As you can see that Philips trimmer is very famous in the market because of its innovative product. As I need one good trimmer, so went to the store to buy it. There I find this good-looking and very attractive trimmer with a lot of features. So, I decided to buy it but after uses 2 to 3 times it’s not cutting even single hair, the device is still functional but the blades are worst. Overall the device is good but in functionality, it’s not satisfying me and that’s why it’s a bad user experience.

photos by Nitin Pal

Olive oil by Figaro, Good design it can place any with a minimum height of the surface, the nozzle wouldn’t affect the height as it can go inside the bottle and also in packaging doesn’t need any extra space, easy to handle as it is in a smaller size and easy to use.

Photos by Nitin pal

The design of a door stopper is totally different from each other, but both work the same. One is more efficient to stop a door tightly because of the magnetic power and the other one is a normal door stopper with a rubber grip, which sometimes didn’t work, the reason is by daily uses the rubber grip gets smoother n unable to hold the door.

Photos by Boat on

Boat Airdopes 171 & 511 V2, The design of AirPods is smooth, elegant, small in size easy to carry anywhere, fit to the ear. When we compared to a wired handsfree and the Bluetooth airdrops, the Bluetooth airdrop is a good design as compared to wired handsfree because wired handsfree is hard to handling while running or exercising, easily breaking wire, loose connection but in Bluetooth device the no such issue.

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