Export of all Contacts with Notes


Im a CRM newbie. Help please 🙂

My version is as below;

We are looking to extract contacts and associated notes.


We need all available contact fields including email, phone and address details, as well as any notes, dates and category’s of notes please.

Eg a CSV format along these lines would be perfect.


Name                    Mobile                                  Email                                                     Notes                                                    Date                      Note Category                                … and other fields

Joe Bloggs           0434321675                       [email protected]                         Joe is his first name                         12/4/2020                Personal Details Notes

                                                                                                                                Joe is an Electrician                          3/1/2021                Employment Type Notes


We would be looking at comma separated unless “,”’s are found in the data, in which case quote encapsulated Comma separated.

Any helps appreciated 

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