Leomi Sadler’s illustrations are all about “performances of wisdom, a sense of joy, and perseverance”

As for her published work, Tummy Bugs, Leomi states the concept behind it was “just to make a cohesive collection book really.” The work is, essentially, just that: a collection of works already published in prior anthologies and brought together under one mood and tone. “I couldn’t help but feel like if I made a big compendium of everything I’d ever done, it would be intensely incoherent, and would also feel like I had died,” she explains. “So instead we decided to do a library of books, each one centred around a separate channel of my output.” The first volume in question is Tummy Bugs, and “readers can expect to see cartoon characters being mistreated, performances of wisdom, and a sense of joy, simple-ness and perseverance.” Most of the arrangement of the book came easily to Leomi, such as picking the front cover. However, it was designing the book’s spine which proved to be most difficult as Leomi found it had to fit into a consistent design that worked with the Leomi Library series. “It was stressful trying to imagine a spine that would be appropriate for all the future books, which will be quite different in content to Tummy Bugs.

Like many other artists in the ongoing pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Leomi confesses that it’s been “a long time since I felt truly inspired.” It’s a tale we’ve heard countless times over the past 18 months, and one many can sympathise with. “Sometimes I feel inspired when I get really pissed off and upset… the act of drawing and making has shown itself, for me, to be a form of pure escapism,” she says. “I think I might be addicted to being in the state of flow, where the rest of the world falls away.” Right now, she’s working on being “more funny and interesting” with her work, and putting herself in “some potentially inspiring situations.” Mostly, she’s not an artist to dwell on the future. “I don’t really expect anything from the world,” she tells us. So what’s to come for the inventive illustrator? “I’m excited about the 3D project I’m doing with [Famicon Express partner] Stef,” Leomi says. “I’m excited about finally releasing the Mr Birthday Cake comic book, as well as some new clothing stuff I’ll be releasing through Tydrax618.”

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