When you cannot run away from using tables on mobile | by Cíntia Antunes | Jul, 2021

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Let’s be honest, the spreadsheet format sucks even seeing on a big screen. Looking at the information in a table using a mobile device is much worse.

When I need to insert tables into mobile interfaces I feel discouraged. This is a part of the work I try to postpone. I always look for another way to display the table information. Why not create an infographic to show all this information?

But in some cases, a simple table is required, so here are the solutions I’ve been mostly using to accommodate the information in the best way possible.

A horizontal table on mobile doesn’t fit well since the vertical position is the most used for this type of device. Even though it’s possible to rotate the screen, it can be annoying since it is not typical behavior. And being a small screen probably the scroll will continue being necessary creating an uncomfortable use.

A table in a desktop format viewed in mobile.

Group the related data of each line and display it vertically. Here is the front-end resource to help you build it: Responsive Data Tables

Use different colors for each group background to make it easy to differentiate.

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