A Job At Instagram Can Give You Money But Also Regret | by Cíntia Antunes | Jul, 2021

For all these companies producing their products, there are a lot of professionals involved and in the area that most concerns me: the design!

You may think that I will put all this weight on the designer’s shoulders and of course, I won’t do that. But it’s undeniable the huge importance of UX designers, product designers, packaging designers, graphic designers, or any other terminology you want to use for the role that design things we will use in our daily lives.

It’s in our hands to work with ethics!

We work with discovery, research, defining features, micro-interaction, interface creation. We define the types of approaches and which materials a project should use.

We are a central part of it! We can bring innovation to our workplace focusing on questioning sustainability values and people’s mental health as part of the process and evangelize about new attitudes towards daily consumption.

The professionals should not do whatever the company wants without offering some kind of resistance when they know that unethical consequences might come.

The knowledge designers have to create many types of products and to understand people’s behavior should be used not only to make more sales but to offer something good for the social side considering the contexts involved.

I feel like a kid asking for a utopian state of mind for people but it should not be this way. I already notice many times ethics being considered a silly thing. What a stupid mindset! Each professional should understand its importance and power in society.

A society that accommodates children, mothers, fathers, relatives, close friends and everyone who is important to us.

It gives a bit of hope when it’s seen professionals deeply involved in products like mentioned above who start speaking out.

“I feel tremendous guilt… I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,” said Chamath Palihapitiya, Facebook’s former vice president for user growth, last November during a talk at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. He added that he himself rarely uses Facebook, and that his children “aren’t allowed to use that shit.”
clipped from Science Focus article

Foto de ROMAN ODINTSOV no Pexels

Maybe a job that offers a big amount of money can help you buy two houses and more, but what is the price everybody pays in the long term when professionals accept and create interfaces that make people feel overwhelmed and thirsty for immediate pleasures?

Because of that people are becoming dumb, depressed and anxious.

And what about being open to participating in product creation that uses non-durable material without a smart discard plan for them? Without forgetting to mention the useless products!

Funny (…or not so much) but pathetic. Image took from Wish eCommerce.

The world doesn’t have a place to dispose of all this shit.

I know that in many situations don’t accept what is asked by the leadership means being fired. Sad but true. However, the other option can be even worse: a sick and uninhabitable world.

And for not billionaires, like us, living on the arid Mars is not an alternative.

So, you, dear designer, please study and use all the sustainable and healthy solutions you can offer to the end-user.

I know it can sound like a superhero movie script, but let’s try to save people’s minds, biodiverse oceans, forests, rivers and all types of life that share the existence here stopping greedy companies from making us produce and consume trash that affects both our own health and the planet’s health.


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