Creating a community-driven delivery application: UX Case Study | by Pranjal Singh | Jul, 2021

This challenge sent me back into the research phase as now I wanted to know, what motivates my user base, I went a bit broad and looked into ways how we can motivate humans in general. This is what I got…

Old lady recognizing the neighbor who helped her, and spreading a good word about him which in turn motivates him

While ideating and coming up with ideas to incentivize the delivery, I considered multiple things, like the collective culture of the society, how pride and connection among a community can help or motivate someone to deliver.

And after all that consideration, I wondered of ways to recognize most of our users, but the thing with recognition is

“ Recognition is a Universal expectation, but it’s not a universal practice”

— Chip & Dan Heath in their book Power of moments

The Best Ideas

We created a leaderboard that recognizes the top delivery hero from the city or a locality. We also let our users acknowledge and appreciate their work by writing a Thank you note or by tipping them.

The reason being,

  1. People tend to do a good deed if they see someone doing it, want to know more — Visit here
  2. This would definitely provide recognition to the delivery heroes, which would motivate them to do more.

This was good for recognization overall, but it served for the best, but what about users who haven’t completed enough deliveries to be ranked, their work still matters. In short every delivery matters.

I also decided to include a achievements/ Milestone section that was directly or indirectly related to deliveries completed which would generate moments of pride for Delivery heroes and encourage them to keep completing it.

This is also something inspired by the topic of milestones in the book- Power of moments

A note all these motivations or incentives were created or designed after knowing that money will be the primary incentive, the remaining was just to keep things going.

Money was a primary incentive

Knowing the limitations

I was aware of the limitation of the idea, there was a good chance that there is an emergency delivery and no one in the community is available to deliver- due to various reasons like lack of time, or just uninterested in doing so. To make sure the delivery still goes through there will be employed delivery heroes on the work to avoid any mishap.

Behind the scenes of Ideation

Here are some of the screens that I sketched out, which helped me find out flaws with the layout real quick.

  1. People need to know the size of the delivery, which was missing.
  2. Giving the option to select a delivery person didn’t work as it would just complicate things and they don’t even know on what basis to select.

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