Dynamics 365 Portal – Customer field is not populating

HI Team,

I have a new entity named as ‘Outage’ which has two fields:-

  • Customer (data type as Customer)
  • Contact  (data type as lookup to Contact)

I exposed this new entity on the Portal and expecting the behaviour that once login user create a new Outage, then 

  • Customer will be auto-populated with Login User’s Contact’s Account.
  • Contact will be auto-populated with Login User’s Contact.

In order to achieve this, I only created an extra configuration in ‘Entity Form Metadata’ as shown below, but its not populating Customer field with Login User’s Contact’s Account. It always populate with Login User’s Contact.

But, in the Vanilla CRM Portal – it always populate both Customer & Contact in the Case creation as I needed but its not working in my new Outage entity. Can anyone suggest what I’m missing here? Any Entity Permission? 

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