Top 10 Video Calling & Conferencing API for Website and App | 2021

Top Video Calling API & SDK and Video Conferencing API & SDK for Developers are eintegrate and embeddable video calling API, and programmable live video Conferencing API, in just a few lines of code.

“The global video conferencing market size is expected to grow from USD 9.2 billion in 2021 to USD 22.5 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.7%.”

A video calling feature can be easily integrated into any existing application, allowing to leverage the functionality in order to improve productivity. This is a great idea for saving money and development time. To do so all we need to do is integrate the API or SDK for video calling into the existing software.

In the rapidly modernizing world, technology has advanced in a hurtle. The use of mobile gadgets has surged a lot. The world is growing digital and everything is accessible from a single place. In the company of modernization, there is a huge increase in digitalization. Virtual communication has been nowadays an important tool to keep up with people. Due to virtual video communication, we can today talk face-to-face overseas too. Such a great invention to make work easy.

Many companies work on the aspect of virtual communication. The video calls we do to communicate with our clients, corporates, and family are developed with the help of Software Development Kits (SDKs). Companies align with competition and design their SDKs to support their video calling applications and websites. These days conferencing has become so efficient without any lags or errors or issues. This is just because of the effective product delivery of the companies who have landed themselves to make an effective approach towards real-time communication.

What is Video Conferencing API?

Video Conferencing API (Application programming interface) creates the interaction between two multiple intermediaries. It helps to communicate with each other and exchange data. To put it in simple terms provides a technical infrastructure for different tools to communicate and work together to build an application.

Top 10 Video API For Conferencing

1. video conferencing API is a web-RTC company that looks into creating lucrative Video SDKs and APIs for their clients. It looks for better engagement of their clients by supporting them with providing the best products for the end-users. stands in the real-time community creating its image as the ideal platform for video conferencing due to its flexible and scalable SDKs. They aim at delivering some of the best experiences to their clients with their customizable SDKs.

  • Realtime Audio & Video Cloud API & SDK

  • 5,000 attendees support in one single meeting.

  • Prebuilt UI support of all the platforms.

  • Cloud Recording APIs

  • Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, Poll, and Q & A

  • Unlimited channels (Room)

  • Video encoding with enhanced quality

  • Unlimited attendees support

  • Video streaming

  • Video-on-demand And On-demand recording playback

2. Zujonow video conferencing API

Zujonow is a company that develops its product on cutting-edge technologies. It delivers products for its clients based on video conferencing with effective scalability and customizable SDKs. They also deal in products like live streaming, on-demand videos, and real-time communication. Zujonow’s work is a well-crafted platform for education and other related industries.

  • Video cloud conferencing API & SDK

  • 5,000 attendees support in one single meeting.

  • Cloud Recording APIs Real-time

  • Realtime Audio voice APIs

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models

  • Live streaming experience with Low latency APIs

  • Video encoding with enhanced quality

  • Worldwide delivery (CDN) Video-on-demand

3. EnableX video conferencing API

Enablex works on the development of communication APIs. it focuses on communication solutions and provides services in real-time communication for its clients. It delivers its products with SMS and chat interfaces too. Enablex works on developing educational APIs for students and also maintaining portfolios.

4. Eyeson video conferencing API

Eyeson masters into high-performing API including managed hosting and scaling for web-based business workflows on any device. It has a patented single Stream Technology merges any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. The cloud services at eyeson can immediately be used for worldwide scaling. It provides a world-class facility for its clients with guaranteed privacy.

5. Vonage video conferencing API

Tokbox is now vonage, this API is built to help customize video easily.The core platform is WebRTC for video.The primary technology it uses is webRTC and secures peer-to-peer connectivity. The vonage solution supports seamless interoperability where video chatting on browsers and * platforms are adaptable.

6. Agora video conferencing API is a web real-time communication company that develops SDKs and APIs. It works on engagement for the users by real-time voice, video, messaging, and live streaming products. They also have set up classrooms for students for learning whiteboard.

  • One-to-one Video Calls

  • Group Chat Video Calling

  • Video Call Recording

7. Twilio video conferencing API

Twilio develops video applications that are fully customizable, scalable, and flexible for usage. It constructs applications and connectivity and has its build-up. It makes channels for video, chats, and programmable chats. Twilio also looks at SMS build-up for its clients. It provides solutions based on real-time communication and scalabilit.

8. PubNub video conferencing API

Pubnub is an in-app chat for real-time chat engagement. It retains full control, functionality, and customization without the time and expense of building in-house. It provides outsourcing to clients with the products like custom chat, effortless scalability, in-class integrations, and Chat UI support. They have a strong research window that looks for developing APIs for their clients.

9. Cometchat video conferencing API

Cometchat is designed for providing APIs and SDKs for various solutions for ed-tech, healthcare, dating, and social community. It is also devised for on-demand videos and live streaming. It allows its users to customize their Whitelabel as per their needs to make it feel like ownership. Cometchat is adaptive to all languages and has effective work data too.

  • Cross-platform Performance
  • 90+ integrations
  • One-on-one or Group video chat
  • Video Calling
  • End to End Encryption

10. Sinch video conferencing API

Sinch works on managing different APIs for messaging and calling. It puts forward the products for video calling, voice calls, SMS verification, and other engagement platforms. It provides solutions to different industries like health, retail, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and more. It provided operators opportunities for monetizing wholesale, preventing fraud, and other activities.

  • Cross-platform Integration

  • Screenshot Pause and Resume Stream

  • Extensive Platform

  • Documentation Data Calling

List Of Top 10 Video Conferencing API Price Comparison Choose The Righ SDK For Business Communication

No Company Price Free Minutes every month
1 $2/ 1000 minutes 10,000 minutes
2 ZujoNow $3/ 1000 minutes 10,000 minutes
3 Enablex $4/ 1000 minutes No minutes
4 Eyeson 47.25 €/ 1000 minutes 1000 Minutes
5 Vonage $4.75/ 1000 No minutes
6 Agora $3.99/ 1000 minutes 10,000 minutes
7 Twilio $4/ 1000 minutes No minutes
8 PubNub $49/month No minutes
9 Cometchat $149/+ $3/ 1000 minutes No minutes
10 Sinch $3/ 1000 minutes No minutes

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