Marine Buffard on how becoming a morning person encouraged her creativity

Paris-based creative Marine Buffard spins a lot of plates. A graphic design graduate who now works in brand strategy alongside completing a PhD, when lockdown paused many of her projects she decided to add another practice to the pile, picking up illustration and animation.

Illustration was always a part of Marine’s practice, “especially during my studies,” she tells It’s Nice That. Yet, like most creative passions we keep up with on the side, once Marine’s job and studies began to take up more time it fell to the side. But during the quieter periods of 2020, the creative decided to dedicate more time to the practice, in turn utilising her Instagram account as a sort of illustrative diary.

A self-described “big night owl”, Marie’s Instagram first began as a diary of her trying to switch up her sleep pattern, adopting the username, “becoming a morning person”. Waking up earlier and earlier to create, “this daily drawing practice was meant to build up a creative routine in order to induce inspiration in a moment were I lacked it, being stuck at home.” Continually creating and sharing, illustration-focused opportunities soon began to appear for Marie, developing her craft as well as offering “a great way to keep busy and stay sane as we were stuck at home in Paris.”

The result of creating on such a regular basis is a practice Marine describes as “some kind of ordinary life poetry”. Stylistically this tends to come to life with “clear fine lines, bold blurry colours and movement”, brought to life with a hypnotic looping animation style. The looping effect has also encouraged Marine to become a transition master, where a character’s fuzzy jumper could expand into a mountainous landscape, for example. Her use of colour in these pieces is also very selective with black-and-white sketches always leading a piece, and colour only applied to further a quick loop’s narrative.

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