Why MakeWebBetter Is the Best HubSpot Agency?

Why MakeWebBetter Is the Best HubSpot Agency?

MakeWebBetter Best HubSpot Agency

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MakeWebBetter initially started in 2016, with an aspiration to relieve the path of digital marketing with numerous WordPress WooCommerce extensions, has established itself as one of the best HubSpot agencies. 

MakeWebBetter is the fastest-growing eCommerce agency. It has professed its name in WordPress, WooCommerce, and HubSpot domains. MakeWebBetter is a renowned name in the industry today. Being more focused on providing enhanced solutions to online sellers and marketers; MWB assists you in setting up your online stores, increase sales & revenue, and grow your customers. Hence, making the web a better place for all.

MakeWebBetter provides unconditional support to businesses facing obstacles through its plugins and best-rated services. It possesses 50+ WooCommerce extensions. These extensions help in customer retention, payments, shipping, and checkout. It prioritizes providing a remarkable experience to its clients, making long-lasting relationships with them.

Besides the plugins, it provides theme customization, online store setup, and maintenance services. It also provides HubSpot onboarding, HubSpot templates customization, and other varied services.

MakeWebBetter has joined HubSpot’s Certified Integration Partner program back in 2017. Joining hands with HubSpot has changed its journey to a great extent, of course, towards betterment. Being the certified integration partner, MakeWebBetter always focused on achieving greater targets and milestones. And, in course, it achieved the titles of being a –

And, soon enough we’ll be achieving the Diamond Solutions Partner badge too. 

In this journey of joining the HubSpot Partner Agency Program & being the recommended best HubSpot agency in the market, MakeWebBetter has evolved as a promising brand serving its customers with utmost sincerity. During the course, we were also recognized with various awards and accolades. 

And we render maximum credits to being a valued member of HubSpot’s Agency Partner program. 

What is the HubSpot Agency Partner Program?

The HubSpot Agency Partner Program is particularly designed for providing speedy growth to businesses. This program assists businesses specialized in marketing, web design, CRM, or IT domain. It smoothens their journey with HubSpot and provides numerous resources for betterment.

HubSpot Agency Partner Program is a platform that provides expert support at every step. When you initially start with HubSpot and onboard, it takes you in the right direction with an inbound approach. It helps in getting the most out of HubSpot without facing any difficulty.

The partner agency will help you in achieving your every goal. Whether you want to expand your business, increase your customers, improve customer relationships, and many more. It provides continuous support with a smart strategy.

Before choosing any HubSpot agency you must look over some significant factors:

  • Their journey
  • Their services, their field of specialization
  • The time they will invest
  • Their vision and goals
  • Their business model

These factors will determine whether the particular agency will be a good match for you or not.

Success Journey of MakeWebBetter with HubSpot

MakeWebBetter initially started in 2016 and provided several digital marketing services to businesses.

MakeWebBetter became a HubSpot Certified Integration Partner in 2017. It became certified in content marketing, development, and SEO.

With constant efforts, it became a HubSpot Premier Integration Partner in 2018. HubSpot WooCommerce Integration was adopted by 700+ customers. It successfully implemented this integration with an inbound marketing approach. Several customized HubSpot templates were designed by MakeWebBetter.

In 2019, MakeWebBetter became a HubSpot Silver Solutions Partner and emerged as a HubSpot Rising Star in the Inbound 2019 event. MakeWebBetter became a true devotee of Inbound Methodology. HubSpot honored MakeWebBetter for the fastest growing app by total net app installs.

In 2020, MakeWebBetter became a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner. HubSpot WooCommerce Integration became free. This integration engaged 12,000+ users on HubSpot. MakeWebBetter achieved 3000+ installs of HubSpot themes and templates on HubSpot. It was recognized as the HubSpot Community Champions by Virtual Participation in Inbound 2020.

In 2021, MakeWebBetter became a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner. It was not possible with one-day effort, but due to continuous hard work over years by all the team members. It has 10,000+ happy customers. Now, MakeWebBetter has established itself as the best HubSpot agency by achieving extraordinary factors:

  • 100% Certified team members
  • Skilled HubSpot expert team
  • Smart strategies and goal-driven results
  • Dedication towards best support and assistance

Why is MakeWebBetter the Best Choice For You?

Other than the products and services, MakeWebBetter has an exceptional support team too. We at MakeWebBetter believe in serving our customers with the best possible experiences from our end, be it on support chats or ticket queries. Moreover, we understand that trusting an agency can be harder when you’re new to its business model. However, we assure you to get your doubts resolved and help you build trust in us through our customers’ opinions of working with us. Our customers have testified to us.

MakeWebBetter Client Reviews

Teun Comment MakeWebBetter

Ned Comment MakeWebBetter

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MakeWebBetter Ratings

Trustpilot Review MakeWebBetter

Capterra Review MakeWebBetter

Yes! Our Customers Do Consider Us as the Best HubSpot Agency…

MakeWebBetter has proven a faithful master to many organizations. It has solved several difficulties faced by organizations in their growth. Here are some of the instances that prove, why MakeWebBetter is the best HubSpot agency-

a) Mammacult

Mammacult was facing difficulty in getting leads and their sales process was inefficient. They were not getting the most out of HubSpot after working with it for a long time.

But, after adopting HubSpot WooCommerce Integration they grew at a very high speed. 

With this integration, they used the deals created for every order from WooCommerce to HubSpot. That helped them to track their revenue and lost deals. They made smart decisions with the help of custom properties and targeted more leads. Through data syncing, they transferred new contacts and old orders over HubSpot.

Also, this integration helped them to improve their marketing conversions. They would not have to waste their time in creating workflows and transferring data from WooCommerce to HubSpot because this integration already does it for them.

As a result, they achieved €42k+ Revenue in 6 months and achieved success.

Mammacult Quote MakeWebBetter

Growth Percentage They Achieved:

Growth Percentage Mammacult

Read more about Mammacult…

b) Lead Enquire 

Lead Enquire was facing difficulty due to improper functioning of data imported after they changed the HubSpot Field.

Then, they set up HubSpot WooCommerce Integration from their client’s instance. They grew their business with the help of this integration. One of their customers was facing difficulty in managing his online deals in HubSpot.

They resolved his problem by using this integration. In this way, they used to help their clients facing difficulties in HubSpot.

As a result, they achieved £20,000 in Revenue in 2 weeks.

Growth Percentage They Achieved:

Growth Percentage Lead Enquire

Read more about Lead Enquire!

This best HubSpot agency has helped many organizations in capturing more leads, engaging more customers, and growing faster.

It has helped The British Society of Gastroenterology, and many organizations to grow at a very fast rate without any hindrances.

Bart Comment MakeWebBetter

Products & Services from the Best HubSpot Agency, MakeWebBetter

MakeWebBetter is the best HubSpot Agency that fulfills the customer’s requirements. It enhances ROI with an Operational Inbound Marketing approach. 

Let us precisely see its distinguished solutions:

1. HubSpot Integrations for WooCommerce Stores

It provides several HubSpot Integrations and plugins so that businesses can easily utilize different applications with the compatibility of their software. It helps in providing a delightful experience to customers and manages eCommerce store with its several integrations such as-

a) HubSpot WooCommerce Integration

HubSpot WooCommerce Integration is a robust tool for Customer Management, Abandoned Cart tracking and Recovery, Email Marketing, Automation Workflow, and many more.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Syncs WooCommerce Data to HubSpot
  • Manages leads, customers, and orders with easy-to-use CRM
  • Tracks and recovers abandoned carts
  • Sends automated and responsive marketing emails
  • Builds ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and tracks the ROI easily
  • Performs In-depth eCommerce Analytic

Download HubSpot WooCommerce Integration Plugin for Free

HubSpot WooCommerce Integration

b) HubSpot Deal Per Order

HubSpot Deal Per Order allows users to convert the individual potential sale to a HubSpot Deal with lots of details regarding the deal. This deal information includes the deal stage, automated workflows, amount, and closing date.

So, it helps to track your overall sales and revenue generated throughout the month or a specified time period. Also, with the help of HubSpot deals, you can easily track the attached contact and associated revenue.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Updates the deals when the order status changes
  • Export old orders as Deals to HubSpot
  • Defines stages to deals according to their current status on orders to deals
  • Creates WooCommerce Sales pipeline & custom deal, groups & properties

HubSpot Deal Per Order

c) HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery

HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery helps merchants to recover their abandoned cart orders dropped or forgotten by customers through automated email reminders.

The cart activity can be easily tracked for such customers who have engaged through HubSpot pop-ups/forms.

It possesses extraordinary features such as-

  • Manages abandoned carts through attractive offers
  • Updates and checks abandoned carts data over HubSpot
  • Recovers abandoned carts with automated email workflows
  • Makes it easier to send automated emails 
  • Increases sales and helps to make a healthy relationship with customers

HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery

d) HubSpot Field to Field Sync

HubSpot Field to Field Sync allows easy mapping of HubSpot contact properties and the WordPress users field.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as :

  • Easily map HubSpot contact properties and WordPress users fields
  • Maps new or existing contact properties with custom fields over HubSpot
  • Send reminders to customers through automated email workflows
  • Tracks conversion rates

HubSpot Field to Field Sync

e) HubSpot Dynamic Coupon Code Generation

HubSpot Dynamic Coupon Code Generation is a robust tool for the auto-generation of WooCommerce Coupon codes of the existing customers based on their current HubSpot RFM rating. It generates a single coupon code that you can send to your customers.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Updates the generated coupons information over HubSpot
  • Fields and properties values can be utilized in HubSpot email workflows for providing a delighted experience to customers
  • Tracks inactive customers and help to return them back

HubSpot Dynamic Coupon Code Generation

f) HubSpot Deals for WooCommerce Memberships

HubSpot Deals for WooCommerce Memberships helps to organize your site members as HubSpot deals with appropriate deal stages, plans, and the opening and closing dates at every stage of the membership.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Allows controlling of site members through a single place
  • Allows sync previous membership of your store to HubSpot as deals 
  • Creates and set up WooCommerce Membership pipeline and custom Groups and Properties
  • WooCommerce Membership Pipeline uses different deals for the membership with the winning probability.

HubSpot Deals for WooCommerce Memberships

g) HubSpot Get Quote App

HubSpot Get Quote App allows users to capture, automate, and convert quotes into sales with HubSpot without any third-party integration.

With HubSpot CRM, it manages quote requests, converts them into sales, and sets up its tracking zone.

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Automates quotes 
  • Manages Sales with deal automation
  • Performs automatic triggers for Workflows, Lists, or Notifications in the HubSpot dashboard
  • Enhances productivity and visualizes sales metrics 

HubSpot Get Quote App

2. HubSpot Onboarding

MakeWebBetter assists in generating and capturing more leads, automating the sales process, and tracking customer communications through its onboarding services. It has resolved the problem of spending too much time and money, buying extra services for onboarding.

MakeWebBetter HubSpot experts help to onboard with HubSpot through HubSpot eCommerce Onboarding and HubSpot WooCommerce Onboarding. They provide smart solutions without disturbing the client’s marketing budget.

3. HubSpot Migration

MakeWebBetter provides an opportunity to recreate your existing website within the HubSpot platform. HubSpot migration does so by moving your website content. So that it looks better and meets your expectations.

Adopting new things is not a bit easy. But taking new risks can only help you to achieve new targets.

MakeWebBetter simplifies the migration process with carefulness. So that you will not face any hurdle in achieving your sales targets.

4. Apps by MakeWebBetter

a) Onboarding Assistant for HubSpot

Onboarding Assistant for HubSpot App helps in fast onboarding with HubSpot. It provides expert-recommended assets and entities for your portal that you can apply in a few clicks. Also, it eases out any difficulty coming in your onboarding process. 

It possesses several extraordinary features such as:

  • Helps to onboard with HubSpot easily
  • Provides suitable and intelligent assets according to your business
  • You can create multiple assets such as properties, lists, workflows, emails, etc. 
  • Creates custom HubSpot properties, deals pipelines and other objects/entities with one click

b) All-in-One HubSpot SMS Integration [Coming Soon]

All-in-One HubSpot SMS Integration App helps you connect SMS providers to your HubSpot portal. Hence, with this integration, you can easily start texting your HubSpot contacts from within the platform.

It provides extraordinary features such as:

  • You can seamlessly contact your customers by sending SMS directly from the HubSpot portal
  • It eliminates the need to switch between different platforms

5. HubSpot Customized Themes

MakeWebBetter provides beautiful, responsive, and creative themes such as WebTrappers, Strontium, etc. that help in managing your website, Landing pages, and blogs on HubSpot.

  • MakeWebBetter provides DIY and drops customization
  • Also provides remarkable experience and ceaseless support through full-fledged installation and personalized support

The themes provided by MakeWebBetter have attractive features such as multipurpose, multiple layouts, reusable modules, powerful settings, and many more.

a) Web Trappers

Web Trappers is a Free Modular HubSpot theme with which you can build beautiful pages that can be engaging and converting.

Here is an overview of the Web Trapper theme:

Web Trappers

It possesses extensive features such as:

  • It is free. You can easily use it to build your website
  • 40+ modules are available in the HubSpot marketplace
  • No need for coding & IT experts
  • It has easy drag and drop modules

b) Strontium

Strontium is a fully customized and multi-purpose theme that you can utilize for creating beautiful and delightful pages.

Here is an overview of the Strontium theme:

Strontium Reflexes

Strontium Settings

Strontium Modules

Strontium Drag and Drop

It possesses extensive features such as:

  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Dynamic theme setting 
  • No need for coding and IT experts
  • Provides ceaseless support to customers

6. HubSpot Templates

MakeWebBetter provides fully customized HubSpot templates that are customer-centric, fully compatible, responsive, and beautifully crafted considering the needs of businesses. 

Moreover, these HubSpot templates possess several distinguished features such as:

  • No coding experts are required. For ease of use, an HTML editor is available
  • Adding forms on landing page templates helps to create workflows and lists to track user behavior for conversions
  • Increase site visibility. It optimizes pages and blog posts for search engines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Track customer behavior in terms of speed, traffic, conversion, sale, and many more
  • They are mobile compatible. You can customize them as per your requirement

Additionally, there are various HubSpot Templates of MakeWebBetter available on the HubSpot Asset Marketplace. Few of the templates are –

And many more…

Here are some of the HubSpot templates offered by MakeWebBetter-

Email Template MakeWebBetter

eCommerce Abandoned Cart 2 Email Template

eCommerce Thank You Email Template MakeWebBetter

eCommerce Thank You Email Template

Brisk Newsletter Email Template MakeWebBetter

Brisk- Newsletter Email Template

In The End…

As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, MakeWebBetter is committed to customer happiness and satisfaction. It is continuously doing hard work to achieve higher levels of excellence. And, therefore, MakeWebBetter is the best HubSpot agency for you.

If you need any help related to HubSpot products and services. Feel free to connect us or add it in the comment section below.

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