Facing script error onLoad() functionality of JavaScript saying web resources does not exist

Hi Developers,

I am facing an script error onLoad() functionality for customizations and functionality of forms using Javascript. Although the error does not pop up every time I open the targeted form (Case{incident}) , this error pops sometimes when i open the targeted entity at a successive rate or i open a new form instance. after clicking ok and refreshing the page the same javascript perform functionality as it meant to be . This error sometimes pop in Chrome and today itself it pop up in edge . 

I am using chrome version of 91.0.4472..124

 clearing cache and reinstalling the version suspends the problem for the time being , but it is not a viable option for suggesting my client.

Any help is appreciated , tried raising a ticket but not  getting any valid response.

i am providing you the screenshot error which i face sometimes .

Thanks 🙂

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