Should UX Designers Have to Return to the Office? | by Lena | Aug, 2021

I have more meetings now, remotely, than I’ve ever had in an office. Honestly, I don’t remember ever needing to go more than once a week in the office. Now, I’m usually booked for multiple a day.

I don’t hate this. This is a good and bad thing. It does help break up the day, and allow me to feel less siloed when I work. It also can provide a lot of clarity on a project, when things get lost or confused in an e-mail thread.

However, I find myself paying very little attention in some meetings. Considering that people aren’t able to see you working, it’s harder for them to gauge when you’re free to chat or not. While I’m present in the meeting, everyone’s voice becomes background noise while I work. Especially, during busier days.

I’m also included in meetings I’d not usually have been included in. Which, is also both good and bad. I’ll have the opportunity to be involved in more of the process. However, I can also end up being involved in parts of the process that don’t require my input.

Some meetings end up adding very little value to my work. I find myself attending just to show face. You can block out portions of your day so that you’re freed up to continue working without the pressure of joining a meeting you may not need to.

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