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There is a new array method on the block. It’s and the main difference vs the normal square brackets access syntax is the support for the negative indexes.

Let’s consider the following array:

const legumes = [

At a first glace [] and at() will do the same thing:

legumes[0] // "beans" // "beans"

But while legumes[-1] will end up in returning undefined the will return "lentils".

legumes[-1] // undefined // "lentils"

With the classic square brackets syntax, we will need to use a trick like the following to access the last element in the array:

legumes[legumes.length - 1] // lentils

The negative indexes in the at() method will give us a more natural way to access elements at the end of the array: // "clover" // "peanuts"

Keep in mind that for the moment Safari does not yet support negative indexes.

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