designer Jordi Ng on asking questions and trusting your instincts

In order to achieve this goal, Jordi started with her own brushes on Photoshop to achieve a hazy and dream-like look for the illustrations. “This was something which I thought helped to beautifully capture the somewhat murky and blurred nature of a collective Asian-American identity, but also alluded to the sensation of being slightly, well, high,” she says. “When I was drawing them, the colours and texture of the illustrations almost demanded to be Riso-printed to bring out their richness, an instinct that I followed through on and turned out to be the right one.” It was during this process that she learnt the importance of checking papers out in person when printing. She had her mind set on using textured paper that she thought would be perfect for the zine, but felt that its beauty distracted readers away from the actual illustrations after receiving proofs. “The nice thing about that is that now I have a fat, unused stack of beautifully speckled Cordtone French Paper sitting in my bedroom waiting to be used for the perfect project,” she mentions.

Outside of the Munchies project, Jordi also helped with designing the exhibition catalogue for the Fantasy America exhibition held by Studio Elana Schlenker. The exhibition dealt with the flimsiness of the “American Dream” in contemporary society as a response to Andy Warhol’s America publication initially published in 1985. “Under Elana’s creative direction, we used colours in pleasing but also jarring ways, and also abrupt and unexpected paragraph indents to create somewhat discordant layouts on the page, alluding to the disarray and complexities that belied the American Dream,” she says. “I deliberately kept the overall design rather loose (and colourful, as with many things I do) for this one, using a variety of typefaces and layouts for different pieces.”

Currently, Jordi is redesigning a print magazine on running culture, but also taking some time off in August to pause, read fiction and be as unproductive as possible. It seems like this is a well-deserved break that might inspire others who feel like they have their hands full to take one as well.

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