Snapchat Publishes New Halloween Marketing Guide to Assist in Strategic Planning

Halloween is now less than 80 days away, and while it’s not considered one of the major shopping holidays, as such, it does provide significant opportunity for marketing tie-ins, and related promotions around the event.

And this year, in particular, it could be even more significant, with many regions looking forward to a return of in-person gatherings, and trick-or-treating, after regular traditions were disrupted by COVID in 2020.

If you’re considering your promotional potential around the event, Snapchat has published a new Halloween marketing guide, highlighting key on-platform usage stats and connections tools, which could provide another avenue to factor into your planning.

You can download the full Snapchat Halloween guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key points of note.

First off, Snapchat underlines the popularity of Halloween in the app, with some 80% of Snapchatters looking to celebrate the event.

Snapchat Halloween guide

And that’s not confined to certain regions, necessarily, with Snapchatters around the world looking to take part in Halloween traditions.

Snapchat Halloween guide

Snapchat notes that it will have a range of themed tie-in elements throughout the app, helping to further engage its audience.

Snapchat Halloween guide

Which leads to increased promotional potential, and Snap notes that its AR tools could be particularly effective in this respect.

Snapchat Halloween guide

Snapchat also provides insights on how its users are planning to spend around the day, with the majority of its audience looking to make a purchase specifically for the event.

Snapchat Halloween guide

Snap also provides insight into when users are looking to buy, which can help to guide your strategic alignment.

Snapchat Halloween guide

There are some good insights here, that will definitely help in your planning – and even if you’re not looking to use Snapchat specifically, there are some worthy reminders around shopping peaks and audience interest which could be worth considering.

You can download the full Snapchat Halloween marketing guide here, while Snap has also published region-specific reports for key markets.

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