Computer Science vs. Software Engineering: Which Makes The Best Programmers? | by Shalitha Suranga | Aug, 2021

Computer science refers to theoretical and in-depth study about how a physical computer works. The computer science field consists of various subfields, such as data structures, algorithms, computer networks, discrete mathematics, computer graphics, computer security, databases, and computer architecture. The computer science field puts a strong foundation for programming skills with data structures and algorithms. Computer scientists often highlight that these data structures and algorithms study areas are the heart of computer science — because, without those, there is no such thing called computing.

All the modern computer-related innovations are made based on computer science theories. For example, Bitcoin has been invented thanks to cryptography, algorithms, and computer networks concepts. But, computer science theories won’t teach you how to develop real-world software systems. Nevertheless, those theories will teach you what core concepts you need to build a real-world software system.

As a programmer, if you master computer science, you will be able to write less error-prone optimized code, give better solutions for engineering problems, and get started on any software system so fast because you know the internals. Finally, you may become a programmer who understands what’s happening inside computers.

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