Adding Custom Scripts To CRM Charts and Dashboard

Hi Aiden, This thread is a few years old, but wondering if you are aware of any developments in the last 5 yrs on this front.

I have some scripts that load on the default ribbons for forms and views that track usage for analytics. These use the primaryControl (IE formContext), passed as a parameter from the ribbon enable rule to determine which view/form is loaded, checking for a  .getviewselector or .entityreference, respectively.   I’d like to do the same for Dashboards, but when this script is called on the default dashboard ribbon (Mscrm.DashboardTab), the primaryControl parameter passed doesn’t appear to have the needed info. It includes a getControl method which returns an array from which I can get information about the individual control(s) on the dashboard but I can’t seem to find a display name or Id for the dashboard as a whole.

Any pointers?

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