Bestselling NFT artists Jen Stark, Shawna X and Ix Shells pick their favourite NFTs

Ix Shells: Net Expressions

“My world is called Net Expressions. In the beginning, it was going to be called net art, which is a term that more people know, but we decided to change it to Net Expressions, because I not only added net art, but I added some art and people that inspire me, including their illustrations, and 3D art. I started by identifying the people that are really talented, but who aren’t able to get as much visibility. I call it ‘net expressions’ because it’s work that makes me feel something.”

Some of Ix’s favourites:

Pixlpa: Undefined Crushes, vol 2. (below, top)

I love Pixlpa’s work. I collected one of his, and they look like paintings or stills where you can identify so many different shapes, and humanoid patterns, or patterns of nature. I really love it.

Also, illustrations, like Léna Mačka’s. She’s an artist from France that I’ve been following since I started my Instagram account. I’ve shared her work every now and then, and I thought this was a great opportunity to introduce her to the NFT world and for her to get real compensation for what she does. Her art talks a lot about the comparison between two different states of mind or many differences of mind in one person. For example, she uses silhouettes that reflect just one person, but at the same time, it shows there’s a whole group or a world inside of us. Sometimes, we are just in harmony with ourselves or fighting with ourselves. There’s a lot of contemplation in her work that I thought would be nice to share with the world we are building.”

“I also need to mention Kaoru Tanaka. (below, bottom) She’s been constantly making art ever since I met her two years ago. She shares output almost every day, and I feel that’s become more than a discipline. This is a way for her to say, ‘Hello, I exist.’ I love her output – it’s so bright and colourful. The liquid simulations that she makes are just really amazing.”

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