JavaScript Weekly Issue 554: September 3, 2021

Visual Studio Code August 2021 Released — It always feels odd linking to these as they name releases for the prior month, but new features include automatic language detection, built-in bracket colorization (enabled via editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled), improved terminal glyph rendering, inline hints for JS/TS param names and types, and improved debug stepping in async functions and Node.js internals.


💡 Like this ↑? Hemanth HM has a roundup of updates from TC39’s 85th meeting on more future (potential) JavaScript features, including the hack pipe operator and Array.fromSync.

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Electron 14.0.0 Released — The latest major version of the popular cross-platform desktop app framework is here. It’s moving to an eight week stable release schedule, so Electron 15 is due in just three weeks.. but for now you get Chromium 93, Node.js 14.17, and V8 9.3 support, experimental cookie encryption support, and a few removals (such as the remote module).


Neutralino 2.7: Portable, Lightweight Desktop App Framework — Think Electron (above) but rather than including a Chromium distribution with every app, it uses the local platform’s built-in ‘webview.’ This equals (much) smaller, faster apps, though you then have to be aware of each webview’s different quirks.



RELEASES: 4.2.0 – Realtime comms library.
Relay 12.0 – Data-driven React app framework.
OpenPGP.js 5.0.0 – OpenPGP implementation in JS.
on-change 4.0 – Watch objects and arrays for changes.
AdonisJS August Release – Full-featured Node.js web app framework.

JavaScript Engineer — Join our “kick ass” team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we’re always looking for more exceptional engineers.

Sticker Mule

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📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

‘I Built A $300K/Year Vue.js Component Library’ — Not much technical stuff here, but an interesting (and possibly inspiring!) interview with the creator of Vuetify, a Vue.js UI library, on how he’s made the project sustainable and a good source of income.

John Leider

Working with Tree Data Structures — The basics of traversal: both breadth first and depth first. Complete with visuals to help you get the ideas more quickly.

Anish Kumar

Building a Serverless GIF Generator with AWS Lambda — Let’s say you host videos and want to show GIF animations as a sort of preview feature in the UI. Generating such GIF files from videos is a compute-intensive operation but you can use something like AWS Lambda to create a scalable service to handle it for you.

James Beswick (AWS)

Why Electron Apps Are Fine — While Niels agrees with many common criticisms of Electron, his users don’t care, and he says you shouldn’t care either.

Niels Leenheer

State Management in Next.js Apps — Managing state in a Next.js application can get tricky very quickly. This looks at some patterns to help avoid complexity in common scenarios and avoid “provider hell.”

Átila Fassina

TypeIt: A Versatile Pretend-Typing Effect Utility — Bills itself as ‘the most versatile JavaScript typewriter utility on the planet’. Has a very nice fluent API, but note while it’s free for personal/OSS use, you need to pay (a modest amount) for a commercial license.

Alex MacArthur

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