Redesigning Intuit’s content design system | by Sarah Vollmer Mohs | Sep, 2021

Why redesign a site if things are going relatively well?

We first launched the beta version of Intuit’s content design system in December 2019. We combined 16 (!) style guides from various parts of Intuit — ProConnect, TurboTax, QuickBooks, product teams, customer success teams, marketing teams, the list goes on.

Establishing a One Intuit approach and having one place to store all of our content guidance has helped designers create more efficient, effective content. Content designers can scale themselves and feel more confident in their content decisions because the guidance is there. It’s been pretty awesome.

And our site has grown a lot — monthly traffic increased 327% last fiscal year. What was once an internal resource has bloomed into a content system referenced by Adobe, 18F, Nike, Northwestern Mutual, Zendesk, and other companies big and small. But based on internal surveys and feedback, we knew there were opportunities to make the site even better.

One of the biggest opportunities was the content itself (surprise!). Our site has a lot of content. There was weird spacing (or lack thereof) between headers, pages were hard to read, and examples were formatted inconsistently. It was hard to find things.

Basically, the site looked like a glorified Word document.

Our goals: To make content more readable, scannable, findable — and beautiful. There’s no reason why a design system can’t be functional and nice to look at. This wasn’t about creating pretty things, necessarily, but about designing a system that serves both customer needs and business objectives (speed, clarity, consistency, recruitment).

We were a small but mighty team of three—a content designer (Sarah), a visual designer (Vivek), and our rockstar WordPress developer (Kiran Nasim). We redesigned and rebuilt everything in 5 months.

In a world where folks are expected to move fast (and faster and faster), it can be easy to ignore the discovery phase of a design project.

Don’t do it!

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