html – Need code for a comprehensive web contact form

I’m trying to design a web form that will have the following fields and essentially send the uploaded files to my email as soon as the “send” button is pressed.
I need a simplistic code (html + CSS) for it.

Form description.

  1. Name (text), mandatory

  2. Email (text), mandatory

  3. Company (text), optional

  4. Phone number (text), optional

  5. Country (drop down list), mandatory

  6. Sphere of work (drop down with “other” option and a text field that will appear only if “other” is chosen), mandatory

  7. Upload supporting file (file upload option, multiple files can be uploaded as long as each file is less than 2 MB in size), optional.

8.Requirement summary – A free text field with a character limit of 1000, mandatory.

  1. “Send” button – this should send the above data entered by the user including file attachments to my email ID.

Any help with the code is much appreciated!

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