css – how to Styling for printing in JavaScript

to print the contract, I want to do some parts of the table in the middle of the line and look like what you see in the picture

I did them correctly in View, but in JavaScript I want them to look like View in print.

If I put text-align: center in the style, the whole form will be centered, which I do not want. Please help


    function printDiv() {
        var divToPrint = document.querySelectorAll('.print-table');
        var htmlToPrint="" +
            '<style type="text/css">' +
            'table th, table td {' +
            'font-family:vazir;' +
            'border:1px solid #000;' +
            'padding:0.5em;' +
            '}' +

        divToPrint.forEach((item) => {
            htmlToPrint += item.outerHTML;
        newWin = window.open("");


enter image description here

enter image description here

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