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Hello shafi,

There is no OOB way to populate data on click a ribbon button , this need custom implementation and below an explanation with step for how to do that.

You can create a simple button using Ribbon Workbench which will execute a JavaScript function on the client side which will populate the data into the target fields.

So the first step is using Ribbon Workbench to create the button and command.

1. We start of by adding our entity that we want to customize to a new Unmanaged solution. We only need to add the entity, and not mandatory to add all of the components of the entity.

2. Open Ribbon Workbench, and select the new solution that we created.

3.  Add a new button with an image to the form command bar, as the picture below:

4. Create the command. You should have a JavaScript Library in place for your entity with a function that contains the code of data population  , so that you can use it for the Command.

5. In the command we will Create a Custom JavaScript action and specify the name of the library and function that will be used when the button is clicked.

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