Snapchat Launches new Holiday Trends Guide to Assist with Your Strategic Planning


With Christmas now less than 90 days away, if you haven’t got your holiday marketing strategy in place, now is the time to act.

And if you’re looking to expand your horizons, or reach new audiences, Snapchat may well be in consideration – and to help with this, the platform has this week released a new holiday marketing guide, which includes a range of usage insights and platform tips to help maximize your approach.

You can download Snapchat’s full, 16-page holiday guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key points.

First off, Snapchat highlights key trends of note heading into the season, underlining the importance of digital marketing in your process.

Snapchat holiday guide

The pandemic has pushed more people to spend more time on their mobile devices, and as a result, eCommerce rates have risen to record highs. The extension of that is social commerce, with every social platform now exploring ways to help brands showcase their products in-stream, with a view to catching users where they’re most engaged.

Snap’s guide aligns with this, starting with a general overview of effective campaign planning and strategy.

Snapchat holiday guide

The guide also outlines targeting recommendations for your campaigns:

Snapchat holiday guide

As well as Snap’s various ad formats:

Snapchat holiday guide

Snapchat has even provided a basic overview of creative best practices to help guide your approach:

Snapchat holiday guide

It’s a simple, handy overview of the key elements of Snap ads, and provides additional context to Snapchat’s previously published Holiday Marketing guide, which also highlights engagement trends and tips.

In combination, Snap’s holiday planning resources can help you decide on the right ad formats, and how to use them, while the usage notes will assist in your targeting, and help maximize response.

If you’re even considering launching a holiday campaign on Snap, it’s worth taking a look, as there may be elements you hadn’t considered, or that may help to clarify your thinking.

You can download Snapchat’s latest holiday marketing guide here, while Snapchat has also launched a holiday marketing hub mini-site.

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