Securing an accessibility budget. Part II of the Realizing Accessibility… | by Sophie Cummings | Sep, 2021

1. The why this matters for your customer and why this matters for your people (1 & 4) are intimately connected.

“Inclusive Design doesn’t mean you’re designing one thing for all people. You’re designing a diversity of ways to participate so everyone has a sense of belonging.”

— Susan Goltsman, Founding Principal of MIG, Inc., co-author of Play for All Guidelines and The Inclusive City.”

Accenture’s report shares that inclusive companies outperform their non-inclusive peers by leaps and bounds.
French bulldog being showered by dollar bills
Pie chart of your organization’s current revenue and untapped revenue you can achieve by creating inclusive and accessible products.
Diverse family making food with quote by Steve Krug, “And not just the right thing; it’s profoundly the right thing to do, because the one argument for accessibility that doesn’t get made nearly often enough is how extraordinarily better it makes some people’s lives. How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people’s lives just by doing our job a little better?”

For the activities, ask your team:

Sample powerpoint slide with workshop activities listed
Sample powerpoint timeline slide with workshop activities and their dates listed with quote by Steve Ballmer, “Accessibility is all about removing barriers and providing the benefits of technology for everyone.”

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