Dynamics 365 Ribbon customisation – copy OOB Mark complete button


Mark Complete button is viewable in activities grid.

For my client’s requirement, I just want this to be visible for “Task” activity only when selecting tasks from activity gird. I tried displayrule on this “Mark complete” button with “select entity” as “Task” but not luck. I also tried enable rule but no luck.   I have also tried calling Javascript as a custom rule just to check selected entitylogicalname and what i found the name was always returned “activitypointer” which makes me think given this selection is always happening from activity view so regardless of the activity been selected it will always be the underline activitypointer table.

So as an alternative, the other area business are asking to make it work  is to provide “Mark Complete” button on the dashboard against tasks view….I am wondering if we could somehow add/copy “Mark Complete “button into the view below. Business users do not want to click on “See all records” and then go into that view to mark the activity as completed given it is multiple clicks for them.

Is there a way to copy the same button from home page grid of task and apply in the subgrid below? essentially it seems to be a subrid view of task in the dashboard.


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