HIKON — A store for hikers. Background story | by Himanshu Gupta | Oct, 2021

Himanshu Gupta

June 2020

In search of becoming a better designer, I joined the “Masterclass Cohort by Abhinav Chhikara”. After learning basic things about UI/UX for the first few weeks, they gave us a full-fledged assignment in which they asked us to design an IOS shopping app for a startup (de novo monde).

This extends the previous assignment where we had to design a landing page for the brand where they can offer their services.

Design an e-commerce app for a hiking startup. The goal was to create a mobile e-commerce experience for users to browse the catalog, find items they’re looking for, start checkout and complete the purchase.

Overall, there are going to be three key parts to the assignment.

This will be the home screen of the app. In this flow you’ll be able to see all products, browse by category, apply filters and search. These will require you to define what information you want to show, how you will group the information, how filters will work, how search will work, how search results will look, etc.

This will the screen that lets you view the complete details about the product. It might include multiple photographs, product metadata, reviews, etc. This will require you to define what information applies to the product, how to show it, and how to help people make a purchase decision such that they proceed to checkout.

Once you’ve selected what products you want to buy, you start a purchase. This might require you to select preferences like size, duration etc. (Whatever applies in your niche), enter shipping information, select payment information and complete the purchase.

I started by gathering some information about how UX works in e-commerce apps. I saw a lot of apps like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Adidas & Decathlon, etc. to get common patterns that exist in e-commerce apps.

Apart from this, I also viewed some more apps on uisources and mobbin.

Like how information lies on various screens, how search works, how the transition works, how filters work, how search works, etc.

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