javascript – how do i import some images into an element and store them in localstorage

  • A. Start with a simple HTML page with an empty body. Using only “pure ” javascript DOM (no jQuery, html, etc), create a function “createNewBanner” that takes 3 parameters:
    and inserts into an element with id of element_id an image element of source banner_img that on click redirects (as _blank) to the redirect_link parameter. Set the image size to 320px/320px

  • Copy and paste “” in the html body.
    Create an HTML & CSS form of 2 fields: (1) Banner IMG URL, (2) Redirect Link, and a submit button, that after click on “submit” will invoke function “createNewBanner” that you created in task 1, with element_id as “banners-list”.

  • Create a “Save” button, that after click will save all created banners to localStorage key “banners-data”. Create a “Clear” button, that after click will delete localStorage key “banners-data”.

  • On page load, check if localStorage contains saved banners on key “banners-data”, and if it does display all those banners.

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