javascript – Navigation bar dissapear on click

I have this navigation menu with a hamburger icon as well, I used a JS function to make the list disappear when the hamburger icon is clicked, however I was thinking how would I trigger an animation on the burger icon as well as hide the list on click. Should I create another function, or just use the first one for both actions.

    <div class="wrapper">
  <div class="menu-btn">
    <div class="burger"></div>
  <div class="navlist">
const wrapper = document.querySelector(".wrapper");
const menuBtn = document.querySelector(".menu-btn");
let menuOpen = false;
menuBtn.addEventListener("click", () => {
  if (!menuOpen) {
    menuOpen = true;
  } else {
    menuOpen = false;

`  CSS styling
.burger::before {
  transform: translateY(-10px);

.burger::after {
  transform: translateY(10px);

.close .navlist {
  display: none;`

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