Adam Higton on arts education, diversifying Florian and his latest collaboration with Actual Source

“I expanded him to a wide range of different characters,” Adam describes, “diversifying and representing different gender, race and cultural identities but still keeping things gently psychedelic.” He put this into practice for a Christmas campaign and a series of internal illustrations for Aritzia. “That experience has then inspired me to explore it further by creating a children’s book,” Adam says, describing his latest collaboration with Actual Source – Fall Is….

Capturing not only his love for autumn but also for his sons, Adam tells us, “My son Robin was born on Halloween, so it’s made extra special by that,” adding, “I made the book for my two boys.” Inspired by Peanuts’ Happiness Is A Warm Puppy series, the book features 16 drawings with corresponding titles for each. “I designed my own lettering for it, where each letter was hand-cut,” he recalls. “We discussed the outcome and decided actually it was cool to make it like an alphabet book of autumn. The hardest letter was X,” he adds, “but we went for Xerox and I made a drawing of a girl photocopying a leaf.”

The result is a beautiful, earnest book that shows off Adam’s unique psychedelic, naive style. “I made the entire thing in less than a week,” he recalls. “I work like that – I get an idea, get really excited, then work non-stop until it’s complete.”

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