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is that the whole story or is there more to it? ( a designers inner

Hitesh Jashnani
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I’m not an insomniac, but some itching thoughts like “What impact do I wish to create as a UX Designer on our society with my designs?” keep me awake all night, at times I feel, I just think too much about things like these that don’t really matter and sometimes I feel like topics like these need our serious attention and are worth a deep thought!

I’m a UX/UI Designer, people of our breed create digital products for users to interact with, having said that the products that we design, in fact, every digital/physical product we see are surrounded by are created keeping in mind just one word — Users.

Our world revolves around this one single word, we design products and our users use them but is that all? No, absolutely not there is more, the products that we have created are loved by our users all around the world, well even if they don’t love it, they use it and don’t mind dedicating huge chunks of their days, nights, months, years and lives to our products.

The products that we have created have given rise to some of the wealthiest people and companies all around the world, the lists of richest entities are filled with illustrious names of internet companies and their owners!

These rich internet companies and their owners we are speaking about here are rich because more than just digital products they are now a part of our lives, indispensable parts, products which we can’t imagine our lives without, products we can’t imagine the internet without.

Long story short, we are no longer users of these products, no seriously we are not the users of these products anymore, we are now their most addicted consumers! Don’t believe me?.. Remember the Global Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage? How did that feel like? Weren’t you scared, confused, frustrated, numb? Didn’t you feel insecure, disconnected and digitally dead for those 7 hours?… Don’t you feel products like these are more like a part of our digital basic needs now?

Yes, these products are also designed and maintained by us, the designers, we keep iterating, enhancing and upgrading their design systems and flows by closely studying the users, their behaviours offline/online, the actions they take, the content they consume, engage and interact with, the features they use, the trends they follow, their every heartbeat, the air they breathe, the food they eat, the minutes they sleep, tracking each and every second their life, all that we do to just provide a good user experience of these products by manipulating user behaviours, thought processes, habits, emotions, actions, relationships, logical reasoning, intelligence, psychology, lifestyle and last but not the least the user’s they enjoy and engage with the product we designed for them and to serve them with seamless experience…seriously?

Well, that’s where we gave up our ethics of being a User Experience Designer, that’s where we became more of the Business Experience Designers. The products we designed, the products that are amongst the richest in the world were once showcased as for the users, by the designers, of the users but in reality, they were for the businesses, by the designers, of the businesses always, was the user never a part of the plan or did it change over time?

As UX/UI Designers our job is to design for our users, to empathize with them, to understand their problems, concerns and emotions, to get into their shoes and look at things from their perspective and accordingly design a solution. Everything we do as UX/UI Professionals is, was, should and has to always be for the Users.

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