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I’ve recently implemented SharePoint integration in Dynamics but the view in dynamics (all documents) subtracts 2hrs from each date, 

so in SharePoint a date shows as “26-08-2021” (0:00 when I choose to also display the time) but in Dynamics when I try to display these same columns it shows:  “25-08-2021 22:00” (25-08-2021 when I choose to only display the date). 

Since we are primary interestedi n the date, we chose to only display dates in both SP and dynamics but this results to the actual date -1d being displayed in Dynamics, is there something I might overlook?

SP site settings are: GMT +1 (Amsterdam etc.), this is not overwritting by user account localization settings
Dynamics User time settings: GMT +1 (Amsterdam etc.)

What can I do to fix this or is this a bug in SP integration with Dynamics online?

Documents view in Dynamics (text column, date column (preferred) and datetime column

same document in Sharepoint:

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