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Definition of Design, according to Wikipedia “ A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product or process. “ kinda bookish.

But for me, Design is a process that can either be solution-driven or an artist’s imagination-driven.

Solution-driven designs are mostly concerned with Physical Product Design, Industrial Design, and Digital Design. And these designs are kind of an integral part of our life. we use at least one or two digital products every day and without design, these are just a bunch of codes. So the impact of design is quite greater than we can imagine. so in this article, I would like to talk about the future of design and ethical aspects of design, and what role does a designer play in this.

Future of Design

As we can see nowadays there are a lot more discussions about Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and algorithms for persuasive technology that will shape the future of the tech industry.

Now where will be the place for design in this era?

Because “Automation is inevitable”. AI technology will be able to create millions of variations of designs more quickly and nowadays we also see many examples of it. Like in Grammarly if you type a sentence it can determine with its AI technology that if the text feel is boring or interesting.

But AI will never be able to empathize with users to give them a better experience properly alone, they will always be needing a designer to guide them in the right way it will increase productivity drastically. The main focus will turn to virtual and augmented reality and to design those experiences there will always be needing designers who can adapt with time and fast-growing technology.

Designers will turn from Creators to Curators.

Ethics in Design

Ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.

Design Ethics is a Designer’s choices that impact their client, user, team, and society. So in a Designer’s design process, they are required to follow certain ethics, like

Accessibility : The Product can be found and used by all people.

Reliability : The Product is trustworthy and not involved with any practices of Dark UX.

Usability : The Product is user-friendly.

Functionality : The Product provides services, content or tools according to the needs and wants of users.

Sustainability : The Product doesn’t harm or reduce negative impacts on the environment.

But still, in our current time, many big companies (social media) use persuasive design algorithms as a form of their business model. They take users’ information multiple ways and gives them recommended suggestions based on their preferences and making them addictive in the process in some way.

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Persuasive design doesn’t violate design ethics all the time it has some good uses too like, Yesterday I was searching for Data Visualization Charts on google, and today after opening the medium first thing I got recommended is an article about my desired topic.

But still, companies like Facebook and Youtube use this persuasive design quite extensively, so that kinda makes their product more money-centric rather than solving actual user’s problems and making users addicted to their personalized interests and creating a biased bubble disconnected from the actual facts they deserve to be aware of.

As a designer, we can’t change it in a day but we can increase awareness about design ethics and make users understand of their situations. Like to propose a solution A user who spend multiple hours at their Instagram infinity scroll feed we can add a timer notification of 2 hours in the app that will notify them about the time they spent in the app then they can choose either to continue or step away from it for some time to fight the persuasive addiction.

Thanks for Reading 🤗.

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