Enabling future academic preparation for students — A UX Case Study | by Ecky Alimansyah | Oct, 2021


Deciding on your future plan sometimes can be challenging. This kind of story is a reflection of how so many students find themselves puzzled when deciding which major are best suited for them or their career. Especially when it comes to suiting with their talent and interest.

The pain does not stop right there. Not only do they have to struggle with the so-many choices but they also have to thrive on the condition where there is no clear guidance or some kind of helping tools to guide them in planning their own academic future. According to TEMPO (2021), 87% of Indonesian students found themselves studying the major they do not desire. It means that it’s valid to say that fresh grads find it difficult to match their talent & interest with the major they once applied for and ended up regretting rather than succeeding.

With the backstory being underlined, I come to the idea of listing down two major pain points.

  1. Most students applied for the undesirable major cluelessly.
  2. There’s no clear guide in planning the future of students’ academics.
  • To find out how the ideas could help students make their future academic decisions.
  • To find out the level of usability, ease of use, and satisfaction with the ideated solutions.

More on that on Stimulus Research

So the big challenge is how might we enable alignment between students’ talent and interest with the future study plan. The ideas should cover a way getting to understand the future that students’ are willing to take based on their interests as well as suitable for their talents to better guide them in professional career.

With such HMW points, therefore I generated some of the ideas that support the HMW I’m trying to achieve.

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