Human After All gives climate intelligence platform Cervest a personalised visual language

The studio also wanted to highlight Cervest’s Climate Intelligent Network. The network refers to a chain reaction of knowledge, action and change that occurs as a result of people taking climate intelligent action, powered by Cervest’s insights. “We designed the new logo,” Dell’Anna says, “the interconnected “C”, to represent the network’s many layers and inputs. And using the Cervest “C” itself, rather than any kind of illustrative symbol, helped to build brand equity in a crowded space.”

One of the main challenges for the designers was to visualise complex ideas — such as the Climate Intelligence Network and Cervest’s vision of a resilient planet — and turn them into relatable concepts. “How do you show a future that doesn’t exist yet?” Dell’Anna asks. The solution, Dell’Anna says, was to embrace illustration as the core of the visual language. “The illustrations represent ideal concepts and make them feel like solid realities. Photography can only show the past and the present. We went a step beyond.”

When gathering inspiration for the project, Human After All found the answer to the brief within the project itself. “Climate intelligence is, creatively, rather rich and uncharted territory, which means that we could explore it from a fresh perspective, free from industry expectations,” Dell’Anna explains. Inspiration came from their multiple working sessions with the Cervest, understanding what climate intelligence is, and the effects it has on humankind, our planet, and everything on it.

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