Engine Creative animates a film for Sky Zero showing the beauty of a world we’re at risk of losing

Cop26 heads into its third day, and with much of the narrative focusing on the negative impacts of our behaviours on the planet, Sky Zero’s new campaign, The day the moon came to earth, shifts the dialogue in a more positive direction. It debuted in September and marks Sky’s first major campaign for its Sky Zero brand, a pledge to be net zero carbon by 2030.

Combining CGI animation and VFX, the film aims to demonstrate the beauty of Earth as seen from the point of view of the moon. The team behind the campaign is headed up by Melody Sylvester, Engine’s head of film, and agency creatives Pete Ioulianou and Ollie Agius. Sylvester says tells us that the 20-week, intense production schedule was inspired around the theme of the “overview effect”. This term refers to an astronaut’s shift in awareness while viewing the Earth from space where they are able to see the beauty of the planet, “whilst also acknowledging its fragility,” continues Sylvester. “The campaign showcases Planet Earth from the perspective of the Moon making a visit for the very first time; by showing us this fresh outlook, it aims to remind us of the planet’s awe-inspiring beauty.”

“When you have that perspective, you realise just how precious our home really is,” Ioulianou and Agius expand to It’s Nice That. “We thought it would be amazing if we could remind people of that by having the moon come down and visit.” The design objective was to show the planet without having to actually travel around it, so concept art, layouts, character design, modelling, lighting, animation and painstaking water simulation across multiple landscapes were drawn up and created.

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