How do OKRs impact a product designer’s daily work?

I had a case when the user need has conflicts with one of the design solutions which, surprisingly, was the right fit for a specific key result. The failure, in this case, was that this key result was in contrast with the real user need. The reason that happens was a lack of research, misconceptions, and lots of guessing.

I belive, we should start with addressing the known users problem. The objectives sets can address a problem that the users have. No designers are willing to work on a project that no one really needs.

Setting the OKRs should be based on research:
➡ Start with having user research, probably interviews and based on your user feedback, learn the problems they have and their needs
➡ Set the main Objectives that are the most urgent for most of the users to be solved
➡ Only then, think about how to reach these objectives, and set measurable key results

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