PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #497 (Nov. 2, 2021)

#497 – NOVEMBER 2, 2021
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A Viable Solution for Python Concurrency

“The end result thus appears to be a GIL-removal effort that has a rather better-than-average chance of making it into the CPython interpreter. That would be cause for a lot of rejoicing among Python developers. That said, a change this fundamental is unlikely to be rushed into the CPython mainline; it will take a lot of testing to convince the community that it is ready for production use.”

Django Templates: Implementing Custom Tags and Filters

Django templates have many built-in tags and filters to render content, but they may not meet all your needs. This tutorial covers how to write Django custom template tags and filters, including simple tags, inclusion tags, block tags, and different types of filters.

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Python’s zipapp Module: Build Executable Zip Applications

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn what Python Zip applications are and how to create them quickly using the zipapp module from the standard library. You’ll also learn some alternative tools you can use to build this kind of application manually.

Infix Operators (Python Recipe)

Python has the in operator and it would be nice to have additional infix operator like this. This recipe shows how (almost) arbitrary infix operators can be defined in vanilla Python: x |op| y or x <<op>> y

PSF Community Service Awards Nominations

Do you know of a deserving individual who should be considered for a PSF Community Service Award? The PSF is accepting nominations for the Q4 2021 Community Service Award.


Python Jobs

Tutorial Editor (Full-Time, Remote)

Real Python

Full Stack Software Engineer Django/Postgres/React (Washington D.C.)


Senior Software Engineer (Washington D.C.)


Senior Python Engineer @ Moody's AI & ML Center of Excellence (New York, NY, USA)


Full Stack Developer (Anywhere)

Level 12

Software Engineer (Anywhere)

1Point21 Interactive

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Articles & Tutorials

Understanding Complex Code by Refactoring Into Larger Functions

“To understand complex code, it can be helpful to remove abstractions, even if it results in larger functions. This episode walks through a process I use to refactor code that I need to debug and fix, but don’t completely understand.”
TEST & CODE podcast

Quickly Optimizing Python Code With FunctionTrace

“I recently did a quick optimization pass over glyphsLib, using FunctionTrace to improve performance by ~30% in under half an hour. This is writeup of my approach, which should be mostly extensible to optimizing other codebases.”

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Reading Input and Writing Output in Python

In this introductory Python course, you’ll learn how to take user input from the keyboard with the built-in function input() and how to display output to the console with the built-in function print().

Creating and Manipulating PDFs in Python With borb

Have you wanted to generate PDFs from your Python project? This week on the show, it’s Joris Schellekens talking about his library for creating and manipulating PDFs named borb.

Roadmap for the Pyston Python Implementation

“We’ve spent some time recently thinking about the future of Pyston, our faster implementation of Python, and wanted to share what’s on our mind.”

A New, Free Python Code Quality & Security Scanner With Real-Time Scanning

Like Grammarly for your code. Scan your Python code for quality & security issues, and get fix advice in your IDE. Get started with Snyk for free.
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Pants 2.8 Supports PEP 517: Build Python Native Extensions With Ease

Pants is a software build system. It orchestrates the various tools and steps that process your source code into deployable software.

PyDev of the Week: Tzu-ping Chung

Tzu-ping is a member of Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) and a maintainer of pip and pipx.

Projects & Code


PyCon Chile

November 5 to November 8, 2021

deploy by DigitalOcean

November 16 to November 17, 2021

Happy Pythoning!
This was PyCoder’s Weekly Issue #497.
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