Awesome Ruby Newsletter – Issue 285, Nov 04, 2021

Awesome Ruby Newsletter - Issue 263, Jun 03, 2021

Glimmer DSL for SWT Supports Linux DEB/RPM Packaging

Glimmer DSL for SWT v4.21.2.0 just added support for Linux DEB/RPM native executable packaging (while still supporting the older GEM packaging alternative), rendering Linux a 1st class packaging citizen in Glimmer DSL for SWT just like Mac, which has support for APP/DMG/PKG native executables/installers, and Windows, which has support for MSI/EXE native executables/installers.

Glimmer DSL for LibUI Tetris Example

I recently got an issue request to build games in Glimmer DSL for LibUI, so I went ahead and built Glimmer Tetris. Of course, I followed the Glimmer Process in building it, so I released the following version changes of Glimmer DSL for LibUI along the way…

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