Power Platform | Some #MSIgnite thoughts

Power Platform | Some #MSIgnite thoughts

So Microsoft Ignite is currently ongoing (Nov 2 – 4) and today was about a huge fireworks around Business Applications #Dynamics365 and #PowerPlatform and announcements around Release Wave 2. In a community session hosted by Heather Newman, Charles Lamanna, Arun Ulag and Satish Thomas afterwards shared their favourites, answered questions incoming from our community members and also talked about empowering everyone to become a problem solver and starting their citizen- or code-first development career.

Community live session during Ignite 2021

As there´re over 400 upcoming new features, of course the Ignite event can only highlight a few of them. But the great feedback provided by #Community members of Power Platform or Dynamics 365 certainly can be sure, their feedback has been reviewed and inspired a lot of those new capabilities. Myself, having a focus on the Power Platform side of the house – was reviewing Charles‘ blog article and of course monitoring the incoming blog announcements via both Power Apps and Power Automate. And yes, some have been asking around the other products, such as Power Virtual Agents or Power BI.

As you can see, there´s truly a ton of information to consume, self-study and learn more about the background, value and how it might impact the way of creating new applications in a hyperconnected business. And yes, Context IQ is one of the most exciting upcoming features, that also spans across the Power Platform. What impressed me most though, was a visual that outlines the new capabilities generating and sharing insights from data that starts with your current data „containers“.

Empower everyone, everywhere to achieve more

With the help of Dataverse, Azure Synapse and Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse, now code-first and citizen-developers can easily visualize data from processes, glean insights across their business and turn insights into actions. With Context IQ this spans Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 Teams, though developers not being limited to this.

With bringing your own model to AI Builder, or discovering insights with the new Process Advisor process mining capability, problem solvers now have easy access to a low-code toolchain that allows to create collaborative- and insights applications that will drive digital transformation up to the next level. Personally, I am looking forward to further discuss with customers the new capabilities offered by industry cloud solutions, such as for Manufacturing or Sustainability. The next best application is yet to be created by a problem solver sitting next to me.

If you couldn´t attend #MSIgnite so far, ensure to sign-up and save sessions to your backpack and run through them on-demand any time you like. If your Power Platform journey just started with MSIgnite show, please take a look at my previous article around the typical Power Platform journey. And finally, for those asking, why I haven´t yet mentioned licensing updates. Yes, a new pay-as-you-go model for Power Platform has been announced as well that you can read about here. As typically those news kicks off discussions and that´s something for a next #Community event, I´ll end today´s thoughts. Until then, …

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