Sally Jo on building new realities through 3D imagery and environments

Sally Jo on building new realities through 3D imagery and environments

These days, Sally’s subject matter varies between tropical fauna, milk-splashed serving plates, pills and painkillers. Dosed in signature glossy style, it seems that petals and florals take a more frequent appearance, notably within her collection of recent still life images. When picking something to explore, she says it often starts off with a subject that she’d like to photograph. Then, she considers thinking about how she can add a “new layer of ‘realness’” to it. For example, in her floral paper cut series, she started off the process by photographing the florals, after which she reprinted them on paper and rephotographed them after some arranging. In another picture, she says, “I have picked subjects such as fake butterfly printed waffle paper decorations or rose-shape sugar decorations that are already new iterations of reality in a way.” Whatever she decides upon, the lighting and colour play a key part in how the image will turn out – a consistent element that lasted long throughout her career as an artist.

In other news, Sally has also continued her love of the self-portrait in a piece that she constructed in Cinema4D. A recent favourite, she refers to it as a “photogrammetry-based image” that her colleague helped build from around 100 photos of her face, captured from all different angles. “Then, I reconstructed the face inside a software that switches these images into a 3D one,” she explains of the process. “These constructed 3D objects always have texture errors such as bumps and holes, and while most would edit these to make it an exact replica of the real one, I have decided to leave them as it is.” This adds a level of rawness and spontaneity to the image, which is something that’s often disregarded in the realm of 3D image building.

Even if her portfolio is diverse and far-reaching, there is one consistent theme that runs throughout: “all of my works are based on the idea of creating an image that somehow captures my idea of reality in a visually interesting way,” she says. Striving to craft an alternate reality – one that’s ultimately her own – her work is therefore skilled and measured just as much as it is completely organic. And to help her achieve this level of intrigue, Sally will always expand her knowledge of knew software and techniques that arise in the industry. “I see my works as constantly changing and evolving, and I’m excited to see what visuals and voice I can bring into the new medium.”

In the near future, Sally will be working across digital art direction and hopes to expand into more commercial realms mixing in both 2D and 3D image. For her personal works specifically, she’s currently taking the self-portrait topic to new heights and will be “exploring more about 3D recreations of myself, avatars, as well as game worlds that are another example of ‘new reality’”.

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