How to figure out the user’s backstory? | by Vikalp Kaushik | Nov, 2021


Understanding the user’s actual needs and preferences is not sufficient.

Vikalp Kaushik
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Every day, new businesses appear that offer the same service as you. As a result, even a minor blunder in keeping users satisfied can cost you a lot of money.

Someone else’s loss could be someone else’s gain. You will lose users to your competition the moment you irritate them with ineffective services.

Recall the last time you changed products. Why did you act in this manner?

Is it because the new product has a feature you needed, or because it’s easier to use?

You won’t be able to convince potential users to leave their current product until you have a clear knowledge of the value that your solution can provide.

To understand the worth of your product, you must dive deeper into the thoughts of your users to obtain the answer you want.

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