Continuous Iteration, Continuous Improvement – Always Evolving Over Time with Rin Oliver

Building Global Love Bubbles with Anne Griffin

About this Episode

01:42 – Rin’s Superpower: Writing, Public Speaking, and Being Neurodivergent + Awesome!

02:18 – GitHub Actions

  • Concurrent Actions
  • CICD (Continuous Improvement, Continuous Deployment)
  • Security

07:47 – Improving Developer Experience

11:33 – Neurodivergence + Autistic Burnout

17:04 – Mentoring and Reviewing for Kubernetes

20:49 – Open Source Contribution

  • Paying Maintainers
  • Getting Hired Based on Contributions
  • Getting Started with DevOps/DevSecOps Contributing
  • Auditing

29:04 – Mentoring (Cont’d)

32:46 – Evaluating Open Source Projects: Tips For Newbies

  • Contributor Licence Agreements (CLAs)
  • Codes of Conduct (CoCs)
  • Evaluate the Community


John: Technical Mentorship vs Social Mentorship.

Mando: Providing a welcoming sense of community for people with non-traditional backgrounds.

Rin: Being intentional about helping others, but also helping others means helping yourself.

John 2: The distinction between technical and autistic burnout.

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