Planning a document management investment with Dynamics 365 CRM: 5 ways to prioritize

 A place for everything and everything in
its place – all of us are familiar with this famous phrase. We like
being organized, being neat and tidy. As human beings we stick to a
sense of order – in both personal and professional lives. No one
likes to leave one’s home or office space in clutter. The same
principle applies when it comes to managing documents and
attachments in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution.

The scale of data that you deal with on a daily basis in your
CRM is steadily increasing. The rapid growth in documents
associated with your customers calls for alternative measures to
successfully manage access and storage space within CRM. There are
plenty of third party apps available in the market for document
management, but can they satisfy all your needs in the context of
Dynamics 365?

Let’s review some requirements to keep in mind while choosing
your document management app.

Data Security

Normally, cloud services like SharePoint, Dropbox, Azure Blob
Storage, etc. are used to store CRM documents/attachments. But
there are significant differences between the security models of
Dynamics 365 and these cloud services. The confidential document
like a legal contract, which only a few people can access in CRM,
could become fully accessible to everyone when transferred to
SharePoint (cloud services) due to differences in security
privileges. So, look for apps that sync security privileges between
these systems, as security of data is non-negotiable.

Bulk Migration

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