Design Ethics: Lost in the world. Have you noticed when we go to the mall… | by Supriya Monika Soreng | Oct, 2021

Supriya Monika Soreng

Have you noticed when we go to the mall we can find CCTV everywhere and it is written under it that you are under surveillance? You must have.

People in the backend keep an eye on the monitor and check what is our actions during the shopping. Even salespersons keep an eye on our shopping style the whole time and keep on recommending us according to our choice.

Now, talking about the digital platforms it happens the same as above. We are so addicted to our phones, the internet, and social media that if we can’t see our phone for a moment we start panicking. We have become social addicts and are becoming more addicted to new technology day by day. Our attention is the most important aspect of these platforms to earn money. We are being observed from the backend and everything we do on our phones or desktops, those data is being stored and used again to make money out of it. Whatever we like or share, the same data is being used by the servers or supercomputers that work on certain algorithms. Then we are being triggered every time by receiving recommendations according to the saved data and so on keeps ongoing.

Recently, I watched a documentary “the social dilemma” on Netflix based on these well-known social platforms. And what I found was much more dangerous than what we can think of. Also, these business works on 3 major goals, which are:

  1. Engagement goals
  2. Growth goals
  3. Revenue goals(ads)

These goals are being set and the company works according to that.To keep the user engagement on a certain platform for long-duration different nudge techniques are used such as notifications, share, tag, like, comment. People are getting into it more and more gradually unknowingly. Also, its very obvious that revenue is the most important aspect of any business. Here, companies tie up with digital platforms and social platforms guarantee to show the ads for increment in the revenue generation. The data is being collected daily and being used. This is called the attention economy or surveillance capitalism.

The term money has such an impact that the platforms are showing fake news and fake information to generate more money. As users are more likely to fall for it easily. These issues are leading to more suicidal cases, more wars, more conflicts without any base, more psychological issues, and so on.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. — the social dilemma

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