Sometimes, Javascript is not the Right Answer | by Fernando Doglio | Nov, 2021

I tried game development in JavaScript myself, I tested some of the libraries, they’re fun to toy around with and, yes, you’ve probably guessed it by now: they’re a fantastic and easy way to get into game development if you’ve never coded in a lower-level language.

But the truth of the matter is: there are no AAA games built with JavaScript. And if there are any which I’m not aware of, they’re the exception, not the norm. Why? Because people don’t want to play their favorite games on the browser.

Well, that and the whole performance and hardware access part, just like with robotics. And mind you, browsers have come a long way from their original purpose. They’re like the mobile phones of software. Originally you could just use them to browse Internet, and that was it. Now they have access to the GPU? I mean, damn!

If I’m not mistaken Unity, which has helped release some AAA games by now, does allow you to use some form of flavor of JS for their code (at least it did a few years ago), but it was a bastardized and outdated version of the language, so I wouldn’t really call it JS.

If you want to get into Game Development and you only know JS, that’s OK, you can pick up one of the libraries, learn the concepts involved in the process of making a game through that. But once you’re done, jump into the real stuff or you’ll be stuck.

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