Search Flow Redesign in Bazaar App | by Hesam.Keramati | Nov, 2021


I want to share my experience in redesigning the search flow in Cafe Bazaar (an android app store with more than 40 million active installs).

6 of 10 users who enter the Bazaar app everyday find their content through searching. That is why the search flow is one of the most important flows in Bazaar.

Search flow was designed according to the user needs and behavior in ‘apps and games content’ in Bazaar. In other words, we designed the last version for finding the apps and/or games. After adding the video content, we had to see if the search flow needed to change or not.

  1. Similar phrases in different contents
    Presenting the user with two contents of different materials without separation caused some problems. Imagine that the user searches for “game”. How do we recognize that she is looking for a movie which has the word “game” in it or she is entering this query because she wants to see a list of games in Bazaar?

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