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Time On Site (in seconds)

Time On Site (Duration)

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Want detailed precision (in milliseconds)?

Time on page is the time spent so far in this page whearas Time on site is the time spent in the session overall. If you reload the page 3 times, then Time on site = (Time on page of first page visit + Time on page of second page visit + Time on page of third page visit)

Time on site highlights

Key features of TimeOnSite(TOS) Tracker

  • Measures user’s time on site accurately
  • Provides analytics of page and content significance
  • Ignores inactive browser tab time to improve TOS metrics
  • Easily configurable and highly customizable
  • Tracks TOS data in Web and Mobile browsers efficiently
  • Readily available reporting & analytics application in PHP/NodeJs

Reports Dashboard

Time on site reports

Analytics Dashboard

Time on site analytics

Licensed & Free version

Free Version

TimeOnSite Tracker can be used for free without purchasing a licence key in following cases:

  • Using it in non-production environments like development, test, stage etc. (ex. http://testing.example.com)
  • and for testing purposes

  • It’s free to use for personal sites, non-profit organizations and educational universities but it cannot be embedded in other open-source software, commerical software and libraries since it is per-domain based licence model.

Licensed Version

TimeOnSiteTracker.js is strictly commercial software. Using it in live/production servers and environments (ex. http://example.com) require that you purchase licence key. It’s illegal to use without a valid licence key. The tracker snippet itself has to contain licence key to ensure that it’s valid.

  • The cost of licence is $38 (USD) per year as of .
  • The licence is website domain-specific. It’s not specific to no. of users/products like other commercial software. Any no. of users/applications under a single domain (ex. http://example.com) can use the purchased software.
  • Follow the instructions below for your site/app registration and buying licence. This license is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Once a year completes, you need to pay successive year for continued use. Licence key will be sent to your registered email id and is tagged with your domain name. This means you will have single license key mapped with your website as long as you wish to use. If you don’t wish to use the software, you could stop paying for it.
  • Valid licence key looks like the following, for example,
    Licence key TimeOnSite Tracker

Buy licence now?

Buying licence is a two-step process as given here

Registering your application and paying can be done in any order. When you press pay button and your payment is successful, your payment time (at Paypal) is recorded and you can continue to use the software for next 1 year.
We would generate a licence key and send to your email available via step 1. It may take from 1 week to 10 days for us to generate and send your licence key. But you could start using the software from the moment you made the purchase. Download the software timeonsitetracker.js or minified version and use it in your application. When we send your licence key via email, copy it and you have to manually overwrite the Licence Key: {your-license-key-here} line in software as given in image above.
Note: Money paid is not refundable even if you use it for just 3 months and leave it in the rest of the year.
Support: If you did not receive licence key even after 5 days or a week from the date of payment or have any payment issues, contact us and get support

Your support is always welcome!

If you are a general user of timeonsite tracker and not willing to pay full licence money, you may contribute a smaller amount like $10 or $15 to show your support for us or as a token of love or to help us continue build a modern, transparent & accurate time-on-site tracker. You can use the same Paypal link above and customize it for smaller contribution.

Developed with love for web & analytics at Chennai, remember Marina? All praise be to Almighty God.
TimeonsiteTracker.js, the commercial software with free use options!.

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